Universal Mathematics

My humblest apologies ...

for the delay in giving universalmathematics.com a complete makeover by adding many more unique resources for teachers, parents and home schoolers.

Start growing better homes and classrooms in a couple of weeks

In 2 or 3 weeks I will be ready to launch betterhomesandschools.com, a sister site, that will provide a realistic and workable approach to Personal Development, Professional Development and Behaviour Management.

The solution to stress, unhappiness and insecurity

The monthly online publication 'Snapshot' will provide logical, reasonable and do-able solutions to problems in family and school life. The first issue of Snapshot will be free, 14 easily digested articles will be the nutriments that will make you, your home and your classroom flourish.

Catch you soon at bettehomesandschools.com and not much later here at universalmathematics.com